Simply put, its a culmination of 37 years of real street fighting and martial arts training, using tools that have been street tested, no fancy moves, just real tools that work…The system as elements from Wing Chun, Original JKD, Muay Thai, Aikdo, Karate, Chinese Boxing, Judo and some Ninjutsu, In keeping with simplicity and directness the system allows to take your opponent out straight on, we don’t use fancy kicks or fancy hand movements to distract the opponent we go in and finish the job as fast and effectively as possible with a barrage of attacks stemming from provocation.

We are certified by British Martial Arts and Boxing Association

There are 5 grading levels these are

    • Orange Belt
    • Red Belt
    • Brown Belt
    • Black Belt (Dan levels 1, 2, and 3)

Make no mistake achieving each level will require fitness, a keen mind and perseverance†there are no quick wins†here, as there are no quick wins on the street unless of course you are using our system.