Become a part of a very exclusive organisations dedicated to bring the best of the martial arts to you, be recognised by one of the most prestigious organisations world wide, here at Wu Shi Dao – Street Defence, we have spent over 45 years on the streets learning martial arts in the Northeast of England one of the roughest areas in the UK and through that experience created a Self-Defence system thats is formidable to deal with that bully on the street, no ring, no rules just real fighting.

Wu Shi Dao is Cantonese for Honourable Solider of Learning and translates to Japanese as Bushido which you will recognise.
This Organization model has evolved over 20+ years, with s single purpose in mind, and that was to bring the best of the best in the world together.

Open to all martial arts and martial artists, if you would like to become a lifetime member of a very prestigious group of martial artists, then you have come to the right place.

You will receive…
1 x Wu Shi Dao – Street Defence – Sew on Patch for your Uniform
1 x Membership Card with your name on it
1 x A4 Certificate signed and chopped with your name on it
1 x Listing on our Member page

As a member you will…
Get 20% off any of our defence seminars you attend (show your card)
Receive 20% off any products the organisations is selling including online courses.
Priority Admission to any of our defence seminars
and 20% of other martial arts course we do.
Advice with running your Martial Arts School


Membership Costs £26.09 GBP